Horizon 6.7B Horizontal Dipole

Horizon 6.7 horizontal dipole for use with a "coaxial" auto tuner
Sales price: $ 495.00


Short on space? 


The Horizon 6.7B antenna kit consists of two tubular elements each made of two sections, four mounting insulators, centre channel bracket with mounting U bolts and all required fasteners. It comes with a 4:1 balun and is designed for use with a coaxial autotuner.


Horizon Long


The central bracket has two "U" bolts to allow fitting to a 50mm OD pipe masthead. Each element is fitted with an M5 stud and wing nut to enable easy signal cable connection.

 The elements are built from telescoping 25mm and 22.3mm diameter tubing made from “drawn”, not extruded aluminium. This makes them flexible and extremely resilient to high winds and bird landings. The width of the assembled antenna is only 6.7 metres wide. It is configured to operate in a frequency range of 3-54 MHz with the aid of an autotuner. (check the tuneable lengths of your autotuner).

 The dipole elements are two piece to reduce the shipping length to 202 centimetres.

It is easy to assemble and with a weight of only 3kgs it is extremely easy to erect. 


* Overall width 6.7m

* Bushcomm 4:1 balun included

* Power rating: 500w PEP tuner dependant

* Perfect for space limited installation

* Frequency range 3 ~ 54mhz (tuner dependant) 

* 2 inch mast required for mounting (not included)