SWC-100E Single Wire High Power Broadband HF Dipole Antenna

Digital ready the SWC-100CE is a HEAVY duty single wire HF broadband antenna with and extended frequency range. 125w continuous (2 ~ 30mhz)

The SWC-100E is an extended version of our most popular dipole anrenna where lower frequency is needed. The SWC series is at home in either permanent base station use as well as temporary quick deployment uses. As with most Buscomm wire antennas there is no tuner required and VWSR will under 2:1 across the rated frequency range.  

* Easy Installation

125W PEP

* 2~ 30mhz No tuner required

* 60 metres physical length

* Marine grade 304 stainless steel braided wire

* UV Resistant balun/load boxes


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