"MISSION CRITICAL QUALITY".....................

Who is Bushcomm?
Bushcomm specialises in the manufacture of high frequency (HF) antennas. We have a wide, specialised HF / UHF product range:
* Single and multi-wire HF base station antennas
* Portable HF systems
* Next generation active HF antennas
* Commercial and amateur radio antennas
What is "Bushcomm-Online?
Bushcomm-Online has been established to bring us closer to you, our customer. We sell and ship direct from the factory guaranteeing you fast service at the best possible price. We are a contactable, reliable and responsive company.
Established in South Australia in 1990 and now headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, we have built up a global client base through products known for quality and reliability in the world’s harshest environments.
Our products are highly effective, and made from the best quality components. They have proven to be durable in all varieties of extreme conditions: from cyclonic tropical areas in Papua New Guinea, to the deserts of central Australia, to the sub-zero temperatures of the Antarctic.
Bushcomm addresses all sectors where basic communication infrastructure is not available: military, mining, government, humanitarian aid, rescue, forestry and police services. We also support professional communications organisations and HF amateurs.
In the tactical HF market, our portable antennas meet all critical requirements from quick deployment to reliable, uncompromising performance.
Although HF is considered a mature technology, we at Bushcomm constantly strive to improve our products and processes to increase the quality on which the company was built. Bushcomm has a strong commitment to research and developing new products and improvements for the radio communications market.
Our products are always being reviewed and refined; our company is constantly evolving. Got an idea for a product you would like see brought to life? Contact us. With new production processes, we are able to accommodate custom orders and special requirements. OEM's and rebranding welcome!
In short we believe our products are the best money can buy, and we proudly stand by that.................